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Over 50% of clients start their search for a lawyer online ( In an increasingly competitive legal market, how can you be sure that you’re standing out from the competition and reaching the right clients while maximizing your marketing budgets?

It starts with having the right partner that offers comprehensive advertising solutions and unrivaled support. Whatever your legal marketing goals, takes the guesswork out of the advertising equation and lets you focus on what you do best.

Audience-first behavioral targeting methods

From initial research through post-purchase loyalty, reach users through all phases of the customer journey.

Track online actions and/or in-person conversions

Whether you’re trying to increase appointments through your website or drive in-store foot traffic, you can deliver ads and track conversions across all of a user’s devices – including mobile, desktop, and even CTV.

Granular reporting to gauge performance

Bid, optimize, and report at the individual impression-level to always understand how your campaigns are performing.

Hands-on service and support

Trust our award-winning Customer Success team to deliver personalized support, and access our proprietary learning management system and comprehensive help center to enhance your programmatic expertise.

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