Let’s Talk Politics: Simpli.fi’s Value for Political Advertisers


According to a recent eMarketer study, “U.S. political advertisers will splash out $8.8 billion on video in 2022, close to the record $9.5 billion spent in 2020, despite this year marking a midterm rather than presidential election.” Simpli.fi remains prepared to handle this upcoming surge in political ad spend. As you consider the upcoming midterm election season, we want to convey how we’re built to handle political advertising.


1. Dedicated Politically-Specialized Service Team
From a support perspective, our political clients work with a politically-specialized service team. Our agile team structure accelerates tasks with a high level of accuracy. With expedited response times, we can turnaround a high volume of tasks in a small manner of time.

Additionally, we offer managed and self-service options to promote ease of workflow. Managed service basis means Simpli.fi manages the setup, launch, reporting, and optimizations. Whereas, our self-service model allows for a fully-automated platform-level workflow. We provide the choice for how our clients work with us, while still sharing all the benefits of our platform.

2. 90%+ Match Rate on Addressable Data
While service remains important, we know how powerful a superior product can be. That’s why we’ve built our platform to handle a high volume of political campaigns with success. And that starts with our leading match rate for address data.

Whether identified in your CRM, or via a Political Data Provider agreement, we can target at the household-level with scale. With a consistent match rate at or above 90%, we can reach more of your audience with no added cost. This massive benefit allows for greater reach, greater scale, and fewer wasted impressions. Additionally, it provides more data that can inform our optimizations for strong performance.

Moreover, we can activate address data for CTV, video, display, native, and audio. In other words, you can target any list, via a first-party database or leading data provider, at the household-level, with any of these media types. This allows an advertiser to get in front of important users through a wide variety of device types. And each media type runs as its own tactic, providing a transparent view of spend and performance.

3. Active Integrations with Leading Political Data Providers
We partner with each of these leading data providers among many others: Aristotle, Data Trust, L2, Tunnl, Acxiom, i360, TargetSmart, and more. These partnerships allow us to onboard their audience data at the address-level. Our industry-leading matching & activation platform then can target these audiences at the household-level. If working with a specific data provider matters to you, we can do so with precision and scale.

Examples of some of the leading political data providers already integrated with Simpli.fi amongst many others.


We support branding, persuasion, and direct response campaigns. For political advertising, we have a solution in place for, but not limited to, the following goals:

  • Build political campaign awareness
  • Ramp up fundraising efforts
  • Build an effective volunteer base
  • Reach voters and Get Out The Vote (GOTV)
  • Convert fence-sitters
  • Track polling location conversions

With our report center, we attribute measurable results for any campaign goal type. In most cases, campaigns on our platform use a CPA, CPV, CTR, or VCR optimization goal. This means we can track in-person visits, online submissions, clicks, and views. Whatever your goal, our platform and data models can measure results in real-time.

Undoubtedly, Simpli.fi can meet the current needs of political advertisers nationwide. Our core product benefits and dedicated service model provide the necessary value to succeed. With political ad spend surging again in 2022, consider Simpli.fi prepared to lead the way.

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