Leveraging Programmatic Media Buying to Expand Reach & ROI of Retargeting Campaigns


Over the last 24 months the display ad space has continued to see rapid acceleration of budgets moving through programmatic media buying platforms such as Demand Side Platforms (DSP).  The forces behind this growth are well documented:

  • Impression level price transparencyProgrammatic Media Buying
  • Ability to “cherry pick” desired impressions with granular focus
  • Hands-on control of campaign data & optimization levers
  • Deep campaign insights due to transparency of price & delivery data
  • Increasing volumes of real-time bidded inventory for display, mobile & video

Initially there were many articles predicting that media teams, in particular display teams, would evolve from creative thinkers to more analytical thinkers in an effort to better support real-time data decision driven media buying and optimization.  The message was that you must evolve into a data scientist or become obsolete.

However, most platforms have evolved to support online marketer needs without requiring major skill development. Creative thinkers can breathe a sigh of relief and focus on strategy and creative as they leverage talented client service teams and the automated algorithmic optimization built into programmatic buying platforms.

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