Location-Based Targeting: Why Simpli.fi’s Clients Can’t Live Without It


In recent years, location-based targeting has emerged as one of the most powerful ways to reach consumers with relevant digital ads as they are interacting with the physical world. And the industry agrees. According to BIA/Kelsey, marketers will spend $26 billion on geo-targeted campaigns in 2019. There’s a simple reason why location-based targeting plays such an important role in programmatic advertising: it works.

There is a massive upside here for all parties involved. Marketers can now target audiences on a much more granular level; and since our location-based targeting allows for foot traffic attribution, marketers can show ROI and report on the impact their campaigns are having. Meanwhile, consumers get ads that are significantly more personalized and useful. However, there’s one catch: these benefits only accrue when marketers are using the right location-based targeting solutions.


Simpli.fi’s Array of Location-Based Targeting Solutions

When it first began, location-based marketing was nowhere close to the kind of granularity we can achieve today. Simpli.fi has led the charge throughout the evolution of localized targeting. From Geo-Fencing to Addressable Programmatic, we’re proud to offer the premier location-based targeting solutions in market —combining precision and granularity of audience targeting with foot traffic attribution to measure campaign impact and show ROI.

From the beginning, Simpli.fi has set the standard for what marketers can achieve with geo-fencing campaigns. Our Geo-Fencing solution broke new ground in location-based targeting, and continues to lead the way helping marketers own their geo and get the right ads to the right mobile users.

Simpli.fi’s Geo-Fencing utilizes actual latitude and longitude coordinates for unprecedented accuracy, and our use of unstructured data allows us to draw target fences using custom shapes and sizes rather than pulling users from a grid or utilizing radius targeting. This translates to greater precision and less wasted impressions.

Addressable Geo-Fencing
Simpli.fi changed the game once again with our Addressable Geo-Fencing solution—the revolutionary new way to use digital advertising to target physical addresses. This introduced a whole new level of granularity and precision to our location-based targeting capabilities.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all household-level targeting solutions are created equal. For example, targeting households based on IP is still prevalent across the industry. However, there are some significant issues around lower match rates and how precise IP-targeting can actually get. This is why Simpli.fi uses GPS and plat line data to target households and businesses at the address-level with mobile, video, desktop, and/or OTT/CTV ads.

What’s more, none of this comes at the expense of scale. The Simpli.fi platform lets marketers target up to one million street addresses per campaign with no limit to the number of campaigns that can be run. Add to that free list onboarding and a match rate of around 90%, and you’ve got a solution that scales up the right way. And for marketers without access to first party data, Simpli.fi can curate lists based on over 1,500 variables.

Addressable OTT/CTV
To get the most out of OTT/CTV advertising, marketers need to be able to reach consumers across both the big and small screens at the individual household-level. Simpli.fi’s Addressable OTT/CTV audience targeting is the most precise, granular, and scalable way to serve video creative to individual households via OTT/CTV devices. We use GPS and plat line data to target physical addresses so that only the right households and devices get targeted. This means significantly better ROI and less wasted impressions.

With our vast, accurate reach and frequency, OTT/CTV advertising with Simpli.fi is the most effective and impactful way to deliver video creative to a specific audience and target tens of millions of CTV homes nationwide.


The Right Solution for Clients

Throughout Simpli.fi’s journey as the industry leader in location-based targeting, we have been extremely gratified by the overwhelmingly positive client feedback we continue to receive. As one client put it, Simpli.fi gives him the ability to leverage the power of location to target consumers with a message that matters.

What we love about this kind of feedback is the confirmation that Simpli.fi is “walking the walk” and demonstrably improving audience targeting and attribution for our clients. Clients are seeing real value from differentiators like our use of GPS and plat line data instead of an IP-based approach for more precise targeting, and the granular reporting and foot traffic attribution insights available with our Geo-Conversion Lift.

Something our clients love about partnering with Simpli.fi is our industry-leading role in developing and implementing products and features that push the envelope of what can be accomplished with location-based targeting technology. Last month, we changed the game yet again with the release of foot traffic attribution for OTT/CTV advertising. This means our clients can combine the most precise and granular OTT/CTV audience targeting solution available with the ability to show ROI by measuring the amount of foot traffic being driven to a physical location from those who were targeted with ads.

Interested in learning more? Let’s hear directly from some Simpli.fi clients on why they have come to love our location-based targeting by checking out the testimonial video below.

If you’re ready to take your location-based targeting to the next level, contact us at hi@simpli.fi.