LPS18 Video Series: Best Practices for Selling Geo-Fencing


Most recently in our LPS18 video series, we outlined three steps for successfully pitching vertical-specific campaigns. If you missed this crucial presentation, you can check out the video here. Now that we’ve covered vertical selling, let’s dive into one of our most exciting products, Geo-Fencing, and how to sell it.

In this next iteration of our LPS18 video series, Simpli.fi Director of Training David McBee returns with everything media salespeople need to know to sell Geo-Fencing. For instance, did you know that the average person spends three hours a day on their mobile device, and checks it 13 times an hour? What about the fact that companies are spending only 13% of their media budgets on mobile advertising? Think about the opportunity that this represents for advertisers and the huge amount of money up for grabs!

Featuring compelling stats, creative examples, and valuable case studies, this LPS18 video will empower you to pitch and set-up geo-fencing campaigns.

Check out the video below to view the full presentation.

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