LPS18 Video Series: How to Leverage Your Assets to Create a Unique Offering


In this week’s iteration of our LPS18 video series, we are diving into how to leverage your assets to create a unique offering.

How do you differentiate yourself and your products amongst a crowded marketplace? Companies that you are pitching to have probably heard the same spiel hundreds of times. How are you going to stand out from your competitors?

With years of experience, Simpli.fi Director of Training David McBee talks through different ways to recognize and leverage your strengths – reputation, core product, and audience – to differentiate and provide unique offerings in the marketplace. With specific examples for both media companies and agencies, David is able to layout a dialogue to adopt that will assist you in this process.

To learn more, watch the video below from Simpli.fi’s LPS18 and stay tuned for more excerpts and takeaways from the summit.

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