LPS18 Video Series: Measuring Foot Traffic and Lift – Findings and Best Practices


In this next iteration of our LPS18 video series, we are excited to dive into how marketers can successfully measure foot traffic and lift.

Advertisers of all types and sizes are increasingly asking for attribution models that show how ads served on mobile devices influence physical visits to stores and other locations. This data is vitally important to advertisers as, according to research by JLL, more than 92 percent of shopping in the U.S. is still done in brick and mortar stores.

With Simpli.fi’s Geo-Conversion Lift, advertisers gain understanding and insights about how their mobile ad campaigns drive incremental foot traffic into physical locations. In this informative and educational presentation, Matt Sundberg, Simpli.fi Engineering Project Manager, and Will Gaffney, Simpli.fi AdOps Team Lead, dive into our Geo-Conversion Lift dashboard with metrics explained, insights into key findings, best practices, and helpful case studies.

To learn more, watch the video below from Simpli.fi’s LPS18 and stay tuned for more excerpts and takeaways from the summit.

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Next up, Bringing OTT/CTV to local advertisers.