LPS18 Video Series: Multi-Location Franchise Marketing


In this next installment of our LPS18 video series, Simpli.fi Trainer Craig Diebel discusses the common franchise structures—Corporate Managed, Approved Vendors, Complete Autonomy—and the implications when it comes to advertising.

National franchise operations and local franchise operators often have conflicting goals. The national franchise generally wants two things: protect the brand, and implement a consistent ad campaign across all their locations. Local franchises, on the other hand, want to see results: more growth and more effective localized advertising.

As he walks us through the three structures, Craig discusses strategies for bridging the gap between national and local franchise marketing. The end goal is to gain trust and credibility by meeting the distinct needs of each franchise structure.

Watch the full presentation below, and be on the lookout for more videos from the LPS18 summit.

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