LPS18 Video Series: Vertical Selling & How to Win Across Them


In our most recent installment of our LPS18 video series, we covered best practices for addressing the distinct advertising needs of common franchise structures. Now that you are caught up to speed on strategies for how to bridge the gap between national and local franchise marketing, let’s dive into vertical selling.

In this iteration of our LPS18 video series, Simpli.fi Senior Director of Sales Casey Squier outlines the three steps for success when pitching a vertical-specific campaign and provides a compelling example for the auto industry.

Today everyone is selling programmatic. Your best bet is to utilize selling tactics that differentiate yourself from the competition. Customizing your sales pitch to a specific vertical is a great way to do it. Establishing your expertise up front on a prospective client’s vertical allows you to relate to them on a whole new level.

Casey makes it easy by breaking down three steps to building a successful vertical pitch. In the process, you’ll learn how to leverage third-party resources, access Simpli.fi benchmarking data, and customize the targeting tactic mix accordingly.

Check out the video below to view the full presentation.

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