LPS19 Video Series: Addressable Geo-Fencing – Differentiators and Best Practices


Last week, we introduced our new video series covering hot topics in the programmatic space. Now that you are caught up to speed on the state of OTT/CTV advertising technology, it’s time for us to dive into Addressable Geo-Fencing and explore its differentiators and best practices.

LPS19 was all about localization; the new and dynamic ways Simpli.fi continues to bring local to programmatic. There’s a saying we have at Simpli.fi: Addressable is the new local. It’s why we’re so excited about our Addressable Geo-Fencing technology, and consider it one of the best new ways localized programmatic is manifesting itself today.

As the leaders in localized programmatic, we see a truly staggering amount of location data: 240 billion bid requests per day, and 3 billion lat/long requests. After putting it through our vigorous data science scrubbing, we still get 500 million unique lat/long coordinates—this is not estimated data, but rather actual location data from real devices. The end result is the capability to target approximately 250 million U.S. consumers with our Addressable Geo-Fencing solution.

With that said, let’s dive into some of the main points Simpli.fi Director of Training David McBee addresses within this session.

Key takeaways include some of the unique differentiators of Simpli.fi’s Addressable Geo-Fencing:

  • Our targeting method: we use precise GPS and plat line data rather than IP-based targeting. Some significant issues with IP targeting include: low match rate; the majority of IPs are truncated or even totally anonymous; and, most IPs are dynamic (i.e. they change frequently.)
  • Our use of cross-device matching means we can target, not just one device, but across all devices in a household (including OTT/CTV devices!)
  • Incredible ease of use and scale with our list uploading capabilities. All you need is an excel document with the address lists, and we’ll take it from there. And, you can upload up to 1 million addresses per campaign with unlimited campaigns!
  • Don’t have your own CRM or access to first-party customer data? Simpli.fi has you covered with our list curation capabilities where we can curate a list of your behalf based on over 1,500+ variables. In fact, we have the largest, most accurate and comprehensive collection of U.S. multi-sourced offline consumer data available, all of which is at your disposal.

  • Simpli.fi’s Addressable Geo-Fencing also provides true foot traffic attribution. We measure your online-to-offline conversions by tracking the number of in-person visits to an advertiser’s brick and mortar location by consumers who have seen one or more ads.
  • To learn more, watch the video below from Simpli.fi’s LPS19 and stay tuned for more excerpts and takeaways from the summit.

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