LPS19 Video Series: Auto Advertising – What Works and What Doesn’t


Automotive marketing has long been an area where Simpli.fi excels. In this stat-packed LPS19 session, Simpli.fi’s Alex Panhans (Senior Sales Director) and Jody Oliverson (Data Science Team) walk us through why Simpli.fi wins in automotive marketing.

There are numerous touch points along the path to purchase for an auto shopper. Simpli.fi has the targeting tactics and unstructured data advantage to reach consumers throughout their buying journey. Alex and Jody touch on Geo-Fencing, Addressable Geo-Fencing, Dynamic Creative, and more, as they review the basics of auto advertising, what works, and what doesn’t. Tune in and learn how to be a winner when it comes to auto advertising.

Check out the full video from Simpli.fi’s LPS19 below.

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