LPS19 Video Series: Geo-Conversion Lift Attribution Explained


There’s one simple question every marketer asks – did my campaign have an impact? At the end of the day, it does not matter how many ads were served; what really matters is being able to attribute an ROI to digital advertising efforts. With Simpli.fi’s Geo-Conversion Lift Attribution, marketers now have a unique way to measure the impact of their campaigns.

In this session, Director of Product Development Matt Sundberg keeps it simple with a nuts and bolts explanation of Simpli.fi’s Geo-Conversion Lift. Matt walks through the basic concepts, including how we calculate Lift, best practices, and some of the granular insights and metrics Geo-Conversion Lift makes available to marketers. Don’t miss out on seeing how Simpli.fi is revolutionizing attribution in location-based marketing.

Check out the full video from Simpli.fi’s LPS19 below.

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