March Recap: The Latest with Location-Based Marketing and Localized Programmatic


March Recap text with a Blog IconIt has been a great March here at With April around the corner, we wanted to make sure you saw’s latest articles, stories, and features from this month. Check out our press hits and most-engaged blog posts below!


March’s Top Blog Posts

Localization and attribution: two essentials for any successful programmatic campaign to excel in 2019. March saw the release of our highly anticipated State of Localized Programmatic report, as well as great content on the industry shift towards localization and Geo-Conversion Lift,’s powerful tool for tracking online-to-offline attribution.

Download Exclusive Industry Report: The State of Localized Programmatic announces the launch of its inaugural State of Localized Programmatic report. As the original pioneer of localized programmatic, this stat-packed report unpacks the factors influencing this shift toward localization, including a look at the current state of localized programmatic, key drivers of growth, and reasons for advertisers to consider localizing their strategy.

The Shift to Localization and Why It Matters for Advertisers

The advertising industry used to focus its spend on national campaigns, but no longer. Targeting at the national level has simply become too broad. Savvy advertisers have since realized that the key to targeting relevant consumers is reaching them in the cities and locales where they live and play. In this post, we take a look at the primary market factors at play in the industry-wide shift towards localization: the growth of mobile, and advancements in location data intelligence and insights.

How’s Geo-Conversion Lift Provides Granular Online-To-Offline Attribution Insights For Marketers

Advertisers of all types and sizes are increasingly clamoring for attribution models that show how digital ads influence physical storefront visits. meets this need with its Geo-Conversion Lift solution, allowing advertisers to unlock valuable attribution insights into how their Geo-Fencing efforts are influencing online-to-offline conversions.


March Press Hits received extensive press coverage this March. Below are the greatest hits, including some in-depth coverage of our State of Localized Programmatic report, a prestigious industry award, as well as executive coverage.

Report Argues Location Data is Key to Better Mobile Programmatic Outcomes

(MarTech Today)
The author highlights several of the key benefits of a localized programmatic strategy, and the contrasts between segments and the advantages of a personalized approach using’s unstructured data.

54% More Advertisers Used Geo-Fencing for Their Mobile Campaigns in 2018

(Business of Apps)
This article highlights the shift towards localization and geo-fencing – a growth potential that still needs to be tapped.

Location Data Key To Improved Targeting, Finds Report

BizReport unpacks’s State of Localized Report and its findings that the explosive growth of mobile and access to location data are key drivers in improving audience targeting efforts.

International Women’s Day 2019: What It Is To Be A Woman in Tech

(Exchange Wire)’s Chief Customer Officer, Elizabeth Brockey, was featured in this ExchangeWire article on senior women in ad tech/martech and their personal experiences in the industry.

Local Search Association Crowns the Best Solution in Local

StreetFight recognizes’s inclusion in the Local Search Association’s annual Ad-to-Action Awards. In case you missed it, was recognized for “Best Use of Location” for its Addressable Geo-Fencing solution.

Movers & Shakers: PwC, Val Morgan,, Big Red Group

This Adnews article reported on naming ex-WPP Chief Digital Officer Rob Norman to be a member of its board of directors.

How Apple is Expanding Its Media Business

(eMarketer) CEO Frost Prioleau weighs in on Apple’s new media products, why they made the move, and what comes next.

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