May Recap: The Latest with Location-Based Marketing and Localized Programmatic


May was a dynamic month for and localized programmatic. Among other exciting developments, we were thrilled to announce our OTT/CTV partnership with FreeWheel. May also saw the beginning of our LPS19 Video Series on the blog. For those who weren’t able to attend the 2019 Localized Programmatic Summit, this blog series recaps hot topics in the programmatic space and provides links to full videos of various sessions at the summit.

With June around the corner, we wanted to make sure you saw the best of’s articles, stories, and features from this month. See what’s been in the news about and check out our most-read blog posts below!


May’s Top Blog Posts

Location-based marketing remains at the forefront of programmatic, and continues to pave the way for marketers interested in taking advantage of this dynamic audience targeting opportunity. The blog covered a lot of ground on this specific topic in May. Check out our most-engaged blog posts for the month below.

LPS19 Video Series: Addressable Geo-Fencing – Differentiators and Best Practices Director of Training David McBee takes us on a deep dive of our industry-leading Addressable Geo-Fencing. Key takeaways include the advantages of using GPS data for targeting, our use of cross-device matching, and our ability to curate lists for advertisers who may not have access to first-party customer data.

How to Capitalize on Your Summertime Marketing Campaigns with Location-Based Marketing

With summer officially here, advertisers need to be thinking about how to win out with their summertime marketing efforts.’s array of location-based audience targeting solutions covers all of the bases so that summer ad campaigns reach relevant consumers. Check out the full post to learn more.

The Future of Localized Programmatic

A question we hear all the time is: what’s in store for localized programmatic? As the industry pioneers, we have a good idea of what the future might hold and how advertisers can position themselves for success.


May Press Hits received extensive press coverage this month. Below are the greatest hits from May, including some in-depth coverage of our recent OTT/CTV partnership with FreeWheel, as well as executive commentary on Google’s new cookie feature and the future of GTCR, and a video interview with Beet.TV. Announces OTT/CTV Partnership With FreeWheel is thrilled to be partnering with FreeWheel to provide programmatic OTT/CTV offerings to FreeWheel’s client base. We look forward to working with their clients in bringing seamless OTT/CTV solutions. Interested in learning more? Check out the following press coverage on our partnership in Adweek, Digiday, Broadcasting & Cable, TVNews Check, RapidTV News, MarTech Series and Digital TV Europe.

Google’s New Cookies Features May Hamper Online Advertising, Improve Privacy (CMSWire) CTO Paul Harrison weighs in on Google’s announcement that it will be introducing new measures to limit the use of cookies in Google Chrome. While it’s creating a lot of buzz, as Paul points out we’re still in the early phases so the impact is yet to be determined.

OTT, Connected TV “A Huge Rollout” For CEO Prioleau (Beet.TV)

This article discusses’s move into household-level targeting and the significance of our OTT/CTV rollout. Check out the article for a video interview with our CEO Frost Prioleau to learn more about his take on addressable programmatic and where OTT/CTV is headed.

GDPR: A ‘Y2K’ Moment or a Sea Change for the Digital Ecosystem? (Marketing Land)

While there’s been a lot of consternation regarding GDPR in the press, so far it hasn’t had a significant impact on the lives of consumers. However, it has had some influence over how digital marketers are operating. In this article, CTO Paul Harrison weighs in on some of the ways GDPR is affecting audience targeting, data handling, and compliance.


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