Meet’s New Team Members & Pictures of NY Office


Some great things are going on at, and we aren’t just talking about search retargeting. We are proud to introduce our newest hires to the already stellar sales team: Grace Gonzalez located in the Fort Worth office and Michael Logan – located in our newly opened New York office. (See picture).
Grace is the newest National Account s Manager and has extensive experience in managing and growing client relationships in the digital space, before joining Grace was a Global Online Accounts Manager at  Michael is the Sales Director, East Region and has been in the online media sales space for over a decade, both on the network and publisher sides. Before joining the team Michael worked at Quadrant One as a Senior Account Executive, he lives in New York and has two children. And, we recently acquired the other half of the second floor wing in our Fort Worth office to make room for our growing team, and opened an office in New York.


Getting to know Michael Logan:

Michael Logan and his son Jack1.) What’s your superpower? – Ability to juggle two kids at once and only occasionally drop them

2.) If you were a car, what car would you be?- 2011 GT 500 Shelby Cobra Super Snake (my daughter’s name is Shelby) and in memoriam for Carroll Shelby who died recently 🙁

3.) How many 5 year olds could you take in a fight? – I have successfully and often taken on 5 or 6 at a time at the local playground, they are no match for me (special my @**!)

4.) Favorite Drink- Strawberry flavored Nestle Quik

5.) Do you believe in magic? Only as it pertains to helping me close a deal!

6.) Biggest fear- Rats, huge disgusting, disease ridden NYC rats

7.) Celebrity you love to hate- I don’t hate anyone but I really, really dislike Donald Trump

8.) Biggest accomplishment- Corny I know, but raising 2 kids in NYC that say please and thank you

Could that last answer be any cuter?! We think taking Jack with you on sales meetings might be a tactic to try in the future — not sure even ad industry giants could say no to that face (or those overalls)! In the short time Michael has been on the team he has been making an impact and is a joy to work with as he has a great sense of humor.


Getting to know Grace Gonzalez:

1.) What’s your superpower?  Mind power

2.) If you were a car, what car would you be? Mercedes-Benz SL Night Edition / Black

3.) How many 5 year olds could you take in a fight? 1 tops, with lots of books/toys to stay busy

4.) Favorite Drink – Unsweetened Ice Tea with no lemon

5.) Do you believe in magic?  Yes

6.) Biggest fear – Not finding the right person to fall in love with

7.) Celebrity you love to hate – Kanye West  (Celebrity I love – Brad Pitt, we share the same birthdate)

8.) Biggest accomplishment – Buying my own house

We like that you added the celebrity you adore in addition to the one you dislike! As you can see from reading Grace’s answers she possesses an enviable positive outlook and undoubtedly that has led to her success. And, we’ve got no doubts someday you sell your way into the heart of a great person.’s sales team has some of the most driven movers, shakers and all around genuinely good people. As a team they are having the conversations that are changing our industry .Click here if you’re interested in joining the sales team – we are always looking for talented sales leaders.