Need a New Marketing Method? Try Display


A good marketing campaign can propel your business. But if your current methods of advertising aren’t producing the results you need, perhaps it’s time to experiment with other types.

Some business owners rely primarily on print and other traditional advertising methods to get their message across, such as television. While you shouldn’t neglect time tested methods, it pays to experiment with online methods, such as display advertising, to increase sales. The world wide web is vast and global – and it’s reach is unmatched. Say for example you advertise with a billboard – essentially the reach you have is Display advertising
only as large as the audience of travelers that drive on that stretch of highway at some point or another. Now for example say you decide to employ display advertising as a tactic across the web – with a reasonable amount of spend, your reach is extended to visitors of the websites your ad runs on all over the world.

Display advertising is an effective advertising tool, and if you have a business website, this method can increase your page views and revenue, and ultimately sales. Display advertisements include graphics, illustrations and other visually stimulating content, as well as engaging copy. A call to action is a must. Something as simple as “click here” will suffice – being clear about what you want the user to do is key.

display advertisementsWith a well thought out and executed displayad, you can quickly grab a web user’s attention. Whether you use eye-catching pictures or sounds, these are designed to drive people to your website. And even if a web searcher doesn’t immediately visit your site, a visual image will stay in their minds, wherein they’re likely to visit your website at another time – further utilizing site retargeting to show user’s your display ads after they leave your site will increase the number of times you interact with a user – utlimately leading familiarity and brand awareness.