Thanks to good weather and even better music, the 49th Annual New Orleans’ Jazzfest & Heritage Festival drew over 450,000 music lovers into the city of New Orleans this past month. A modest increase from the previous two years, the festival wasn’t the only one benefiting from this flux in foot traffic – so were popular tourist attractions across the Big Easy over the course of the music festival’s two weekends.

In order to analyze what type of foot traffic popular New Orleans’ tourist attractions see during high traffic weekends, such as Jazzfest, we put our Geo-Fencing with Event Targeting solution to work. We created geo-fences around three popular attractions in NOLA – Café du Monde, the National World War II Museum, and Harrah’s Casino – and analyzed the number of mobile users entering those fences during specific times.

As no surprise, the data showed that tourists were less likely to visit city center locations during Jazzfest hours, but they did hit those spots before the music festival began and after it was over.

Major events with large crowds of people who share a common interest happen every day. Crowds like this offer near-endless opportunities to reach a target audience. Using’s Event Targeting solution, marketers can coordinate with city event calendars in their target areas that align with their business offerings and target a group of people based on their attendance at that event in effort to drive more traffic to their business, whether that be online or in-person.

There are a plethora of benefits our clients reap every day with our Event Targeting solution. Granularity, reusability, and scalability – just to name a few! Not to mention, audiences can be built, molded, and optimized in a way that best aligns with your business’s individual marketing efforts.

Marketers who missed out on Jazzfest need not fret, however; opportunities to reach a desired demographic attending a major event happen all the time. Concert venues, parade routes, fairgrounds, convention centers, sports arenas – virtually any event is a chance to custom-build the most relevant audience for your brand.

With benefits like these, it’s no wonder our clients are seeing such success leveraging Event Targeting as a central piece of their marketing initiatives. To see how we can put our Event Targeting solution to work for you, reach out to us at