November Recap: Advancements in Addressable Programmatic and OTT/CTV Advertsing


November saw a great deal of in the press, including some in-depth coverage of the release of our highly anticipated Addressable Audience Curation tool, as well as a deep dive into the state of OTT/CTV advertsing. We also were recognized as one of the Top 100 Places to Work by the Dallas Morning News for the fourth consectutive year and brought home the Top Midsize Company CEO Award for 2019 thanks to our fearless leader, Frost Prioleau!

In case you missed something this month or just want to revisit, here are the best of’s articles, stories, and features from November. See what’s been in the news about and check out our most-read blog posts below!


November’s Top Blog Posts

Press Release: Enables Addressable Programmatic Advertising for 126 Million US Households Based on Over 500 Demographic Variables

Learn more about’s highly anticipated Addressable Audience Curation tool. This represents a huge expansion of our Addressable Programmatic capabilities by giving advertisers the ability to easily curate addressable audiences in real-time based on location and demographic data. Combined with’s Addressable Geo-Fencing solution, advertisers can now execute household addressable programmatic advertising using highly scalable and accurate demographic, political, and purchase data without having to possess first party data or purchase targeting lists from data brokers.

Case Study: Pro AAA Baseball Team Tracks Online Ticket Sales and Stadium Visitors with

See how, in partnership with an award-winning ad agency, helped a pro AAA baseball team increase both online ticket sales and physical stadium visits. Thanks to’s Addressable Geo-Fencing solution and suite of other online targeting tactics, the team saw increases in online and offline actions, all at a low CPA. in the News Enables Nationwide Household Targeting Based on 500-Plus Demographic Variables


This article discusses the release of’s Addressable Audience Curation tool, and includes some great insight from our CEO Frost Prioleau on how it works and potential use cases. Enables Programmatic Advertising for 126 MM Americans

(MarTech Series)

This MarTech Series does a deep dive into our lastest Addressable Audience Curation tool, including details on how advertisers can utilize’s User Interface to easily curate and execute against precisely defined addressable audiences at scale for OTT/CTV, mobile and desktop display advertising. Launches Addressable Audience Curation Tool

(Mobile Marketing)

David Murphy with Mobile Marketing discusses the key features available with’s Addressable Audience Curation tool including details on real-time curation with full boolean capabilities; high match rates that drive greater reach; accurate, real-time reach estimates; availability for campaigns of all sizes; and precise campaign execution.

Stream Me: Ads on Streaming Media

(Wharton Business Radio) CEO Frost Prioleau was featured on the podcast Marketing Matters airing on Wharton Business Radio, SiriusXM Channel 132. The conversation centered around OTT/CTV advertising, and included several penetrating industry insights from Frost as well as some entertaining back and forth with host Dr. Americus Reed.

Work Hard, Be Nice: Why is a Top 100 Places to Work Winner

(The Dallas Morning News)

We were thrilled to be ranked third in the Medium-Size Business category as one of the Top 100 Places to Work in Dallas Ft. Worth (for the fourth year in a row)! Check out this Dallas Morning News article to learn some of the reasons’s employees are so happy with the company.

What Workers Say About the Top CEOs in The Dallas Morning News Top 100 Places to Work 2019

(The Dallas Morning News)

In addition to bringing home third place in the Top 100 Places to Work by the Dallas Morning News, we are proud to announce that our fearless leader Frost Prioleau was recognized as the Top Midsize Company CEO for 2019. Check out what our employees have to say about Frost and why he makes a winning leader for our team!


With the year quickly coming to a close, make December the month you upgrade your audience targeting to include Addressable Programmatic and OTT/CTV advertising. Reach out to us at to get started.