Audience Buying Evolution

The Promise of Programmatic

The promise of programmatic marketing is simple: serve the right digital ad to the right person at the maximum value. In order to make this happen, you need to be able to buy digital inventory and serve ads to an appropriate audience.

Our Audience Buying Ancestors

First-generation audience buying platforms utilized opaque, pre-packaged audience segments served to bulk inventory, such as run-of-network media buys on individual sites. For example, you might buy a “Football Fans” audience segment to run on

Ads on the Auction Block

While first-generation audience buying platforms were able to get an ad to an audience, they lacked the precision necessary to truly maximize value. Enter real-time bidding exchanges. In an RTB exchange, individual ad impressions are auctioned off to the highest bidder in a matter of milliseconds. Second-generation audience buying platforms, or demand-side platforms, evolved to enable this process . However, they still relied on opaque, pre-packaged audience segments to target audiences–leaving them closer to the top of the food chain, but not quite.

A New Species of Programmatic Marketing Platform represents the next generation of programmatic marketing that uses unstructured data. Our platform enables audience targeting, bidding, optimization and reporting at the individual data element level, including recency. fulfills programmatic promise of efficiency and relevancy and extends it by delivering deeper audience insights and complete transparency–all at the element level.

How do we do that? By Breaking the Black Box of pre-packaged audience segments.