Audience Creation

Build An Audience Using Individual Data Elements

The Programmatic Platform enables data-driven display and mobile advertising through the use of unstructured, elemental data. Instead of relying on pre-packaged, brokered and arbitrage audience segments, our platform enables marketers to create custom audiences based on individual data elements such as:

  • Device: Target users by device such as desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Operating System: Target by operating system such as iOS, Android, or Windows
  • Browser Type: Select browsers by type such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox, down to the browser version
  • Geography: Target by geography as tight as a five mile radius, by DMA, state, or country
  • Recency: Target by variable recency from instant to 30 days
  • Intent-Based Search Data: Build targeted keyword lists just like performance search marketing
  • Contextual Content: Target users based on the category of contextual content on the page they are viewing or specific keywords in context
  • Browsing Behavior: Target users based on past browsing behaviors such as domains visited
  • Your CRM Data: Bring your first-party unstructured data into the platform to target by any individual data element you own