Our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable our partners to build all the features and reporting available in our user interface into their own dashboard or platform. Leading ad networks, trading desks, and publishers use our APIs to build the power of Simpli.fi into their own offerings.

Feature Simpli.fi Search Retargeters DSPs
Self Documenting APIs
Browsable APIs
Ad Operations
Campaign Setup
Campaign Management
Campaign Stats
Report Management
Creative Management
Third-Party Ad Support
Targeting Types
Keyword Search Retargeting
Site Retargeting
Keyword Contextual, Targeting
Geo Targeting
Next Gen IP Targeting
Run of Network

Fully Supported:
Partially Supported:
Not Supported:

Is this for you?

  • Ad Networks and publishers who want to increase reach, transparency and control with element level capabilities
  • Agencies/advertisers who want to integrate Simpli.fi’s reporting with their established dashboards
  • High volume advertisers who want to frequently change bids or other campaign parameters in real-time
  • High volume advertisers who want to automate the process of setting up new campaigns