Reporting and Analytics

The Reporting and Analytics Center is a full ad-hoc custom reporting suite available within the UI that provides the most transparent and richest data set available. It allows partners the ability to create and schedule customized reports, ad-hoc reports, or choose from 60+ pre-built reports all in real time, for any campaign.

  • Access to the richest data set in programmatic
  • Extract data in real-time through the UI
  • Customize reports based on filters, pivot tables, and more than 100 unique dimensions and measures
  • Schedule reports for daily, weekly, and monthly automatic delivery to a single email address or schedule group reports for a department or team
  • Create custom data visualization to make data easier to consume and analyze
  • Report on transaction values and order IDs from online purchases to determine ROAS


All reports from the Reporting and Analytics Center can be exported to the following file formats:

  • Excel 2007+ Spreadsheet
  • Tab-Separated Text
  • .CSV (Comma Separated Value)
  • JSON
  • HTML
  • Markdown
  • .PNG (for visualization)


The Reporting and Analytics Center’s powerful engine allows partners to create reports using the visualization types below to make data easier to consume, analyze, find trends, etc.


Sample of standard metrics used to customize reports in real-time, at any time:

  • Spend
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Actions
  • CTR
  • CPM
  • CPC
  • CPA

Or, customize reports using filters, pivot tables, and more than 100 unique dimensions and measures, such as:

  • Ad File Type
  • Audience Insights (Demographics)
  • Goal Type
  • Daily Spend
  • Max Bid
  • Media CPM
  • Behavioral Cost
  • View Through Visits
  • Click Through Visits
  • Transaction Value
  • Order ID
  • Daily Total Conversion Zone Visits
  • Geo-Conversion Lift
  • Video Completion Rate
  • And much more…


The Reporting and Analytics Center offers over 60+ pre-built report types, covering but not limited to:

  • Ad/Campaign Reporting
  • Audience Insights (Demographics) Reporting
  • Context Reporting
  • Data Provider Reporting
  • Device Reporting
  • Domain Reporting
  • Geo-Fence Reporting
  • Keyword Reporting
  • Location-Based Reporting
  • Retail Performance Reporting
  • Segment Reporting
  • Video Interaction Reporting
  • Viewability Reporting
  • And more…