PRESS Release: Extends Capabilities of Its Programmatic Platform for Localized Campaigns with GPS-Based Geo-Fencing


Advanced location-based technology uses latitude and longitude data to target audiences customized to local advertiser needs, improving effectiveness of mobile advertising
FORT WORTH, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–, which brings the power of programmatic advertising to localized campaigns, today announced its Geo-Fencing capability, a unique location-based ad targeting solution that helps businesses drive mobile ad performance and reach. Geo-Fencing, which can be accessed directly from within the user interface, allows advertisers to use latitude and longitude data to precisely target consumers within defined, customizable geographic areas, such as a specific store location, auto dealer, mall, airport, or sporting venue.

The proliferation of smart phone usage enables advertisers to reach consumers with highly relevant ads based on the users’ recent or current location. Recent reports show that more than 50 percent of consumers actively respond to local, geo-based advertisements. The combination of increased smart phone usage and the increasing effectiveness of targeted mobile advertisements has created demand for’s Geo-Fencing capability, which takes advantage of the company’s ability to optimize custom audiences for the needs of local advertisers.



  • Geo-Fencing delivers mobile performance and mobile reach with the most accurate way to target mobile users in a business’s proximity.
  • The service provides powerful, location-based advertising services that are built, launched, optimized and reported on from’s user interface.
  • Users can leverage targeted campaigns only to customers within a pre-determined physical proximity, as close as 100 meters.
  • Local businesses such as auto dealerships, retailers or professional services can easily target and retarget consumers near their location or their competitor’s locations.
  •’s Geo-Fencing supports GeoJSON files such as political districts, municipalities, etc., as well as other existing shape data files that can be used to target specific geographies. The Geo-Fencing capability also allows users to create the custom shapes that work best for their individual business.
  • is the only programmatic platform that bids, optimizes and reports using unstructured data, including recency, across all inventory types making it the most effective platform for localized campaigns at any scale.



Frost Prioleau, Chief Executive Officer
“Our Geo-Fencing solution combines the scale of programmatic with the accuracy of GPS, and represents a leap forward for localized advertising. Combining our reach and accuracy with the transparency, optimization and reporting that is known for, Geo-Fencing is a smart choice for advertisers targeting local markets.”


About is the leader in localized programmatic solutions. Trade desks, networks, local media groups, and multi-location brands leverage’s superior performance, customizable audiences, and efficient delivery models to drive higher ROI in their digital businesses. For more information about the company or partnership opportunities, call (800) 840-0768 or visit

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