Press Release: Launches Foot Traffic Attribution for OTT/CTV Advertising


New capability enables advertisers to track lift in in-store visits by households exposed to OTT/CTV ads

Ft. Worth, Texas – JULY 16, 2019 – Today,, the leading programmatic platform for addressable, mobile, and OTT/CTV advertising, announced that it has enhanced its industry-leading OTT/CTV advertising offering to now include the ability to track lift and in-store visits from households which have been served OTT/CTV ads. Advertisers can now measure the effectiveness of OTT/CTV advertisements delivered on both large and small screens, and attribute in-store foot traffic to those ads. This feature is enabled by’s cross-device capabilities and mobile attribution technology.

In the first half of 2019, has executed over 12,000 OTT/CTV Campaigns for more than 4,700 unique advertisers. The rapid growth is attributed to’s unique audience targeting methods, which include addressable, behavioral, and demographic targeting.’s new OTT/CTV foot-traffic attribution capabilities bring new measurement and reporting to advertisers looking to understand the effectiveness of their TV advertising to drive prospects and customers to physical locations.

Key metrics available for all OTT/CTV advertising campaigns will include:

  • Geo-Conversion Lift: Percentage difference in physical visitors to an advertiser’s location that were influenced by an ad vs. those who were not shown an ad.
  • Campaign Conversion Rate: The percentage of users who were served an ad from the campaign, and then physically visited the advertiser’s location.
  • Natural Conversion Rate: The percentage of users who were not served an ad for the campaign but visited the advertiser’s location.

“We are excited to empower our advertisers to understand how much incremental foot traffic is being driven to their locations by their OTT/CTV advertising,” said Frost Prioleau, CEO and Co-Founder of “In addition to providing a better understanding of their ROI, this capability also provides advertisers with insights regarding the performance of various targeting tactics and creatives that enable better optimization of their campaigns. Stay tuned as we expect to be rolling out more OTT/CTV attribution capabilities in the near future.”

About is the leader in programmatic advertising built for the precision and scale of addressable, mobile and OTT/CTV advertising. works with the world’s largest buyers of localized advertising, including multi-location brands, agencies, local media groups, networks and trading desks. With over 130,000 active daily campaigns run by more than 30,000 active advertisers,’s clients are able to deliver performance on high volumes of campaigns and provide deep insights into their dynamic audiences, bringing them one step closer to truly personalized, one-to-one marketing.

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