Programmatic Digest Podcast Features CEO Frost Prioleau as He Discusses Location-Based Targeting and What Makes So Unique


Our very own CEO and thought leader Frost Prioleau was featured on the Programmatic Digest Podcast with Helene Parker, where he shared insights around location-based targeting, attribution, GDPR/CPPA legislation, and some fun facts about himself.

Helene begins the podcast by discussing several industry articles and key programmatic topics; it’s well worth a listen to hear her take and insights. She then introduces Frost, gives a brief summary of his bio, and dives into the meat of the podcast.

Below are some highlights from Frost’s discussion with Helene Parker.


On Marketers and How They’re Interacting with Location-Based Targeting

A recent article in Marketing Land by Greg Sterling included several stats and findings around how marketers are using and relating to location data. A key stat from Sterling’s article found that while more than nine in ten surveyed marketers plan to use location data in the future, only 24% are using or plan to use it for store visitations or offline measurement. When asked to comment on this discrepancy, Frost had two responses. For one thing, it’s tough for advertisers to get attribution for smaller campaigns. Most panel-based approaches require a large number of impressions (fortunately for smaller advertisers, has the answer!).

Secondly, there are some types of advertisers who have little interest in this kind of attribution. Unlike auto advertisers or quick service restaurants, a credit card company or a company driven by e-commerce does not have a pressing need to attribute foot traffic. So, it comes down to the size of the campaign and what industry or type of business is being advertised.


On Metrics and Advertisers’ Attitudes Towards Programmatic

One question Helene posed to Frost is how we can move the needle away from traditional metrics like Click-Through Rate (CTR). At, we have long encouraged advertisers to shift towards more action-based measurements. Many advertisers are attracted to location-based marketing for the targeting aspect, but have yet to understand the attribution side and its benefits.

Helene also brought up this stat from Sterling’s article: 62% of marketers are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly interested in looking behind the curtain to understand how the data is being collected. As Frost points out, has been a transparent platform from day one. We want our clients to know where we get our location data.



After being asked to elaborate on privacy legislation, Frost makes the point that in the U.S. we’re behind the Europeans in terms of privacy developments; therefore, we get to watch what happens there and better prepare ourselves for what may take place domestically. And what we’re seeing is that there’s no cause for alarm. 90% of European consumers are choosing to opt-in, and we can expect similar numbers in the U.S.

At, we’re already ahead of the game here, as we’ve always taken consumer privacy extremely seriously. We keep no PII, and everything is strictly de-identified and anonymous. In fact, Helene (who has previously worked with shares an anecdote on our data privacy methods in action!


On Diversity and Three Fun Facts’s team has been built around the idea that having people from a variety of backgrounds is a key component to our success. And in terms of our work culture, we’ve actually received some official recognition by being named a 2019 Best Workplace by Inc. Magazine.

Finally, Frost shared three fun facts about himself. He’s an avid surfer and skier, which can be a little more challenging to pursue since he’s based out of Texas. And according to Frost, he actually has the easiest job at show up, and let the awesome team he’s built succeed.

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