Prospecting Dynamic Creative for Auto Gives Dealerships an Edge – Right at the Top of the Funnel


Auto Consumer searching for a crossover SUV and being served a dynamic auto ad
Car buyers do a lot of research – and they do a lot of that research online. Per Google, 95 percent of vehicle buyers use digital as a source of information. In fact, 60 percent of all automotive searches come from a mobile device and some of the top mobile searches are related to dealerships. Comparatively, very few actually begin their search at a dealership these days.

With car shoppers in market for a limited time – the research-to-purchase period typically lasts two weeks or less (Google) – marketers need to find the most effective ways to win and keep customer attention early in the game. Search is really important at this stage, however, visual images and videos are more important than ever.

This is where’s Prospecting Dynamic Creative for Auto comes in and can be a total game-changer for dealerships. Prospecting Dynamic Creative for Auto is a turnkey solution that dynamically serves ads to your target market as they enter the research phase of buying a car. It takes the best of upper-funnel data, such as searched keywords and contextual content, and dynamically creates an ad that can make all the difference.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say Tracy is in the market for a new crossover. She searches for “best crossover” and “crossover SUV under $30,000.” She reads a few articles on Car & Driver and Consumer Reports, and watches some videos about the newest models on the market. All those activities give off signals that Tracy is a prospective car buyer. can leverage those intent signals and deliver ads to Stacy that are highly relevant to her activities. Prospecting Dynamic Creative doesn’t just match the ad to the audience, it also adjusts the ad to Tracy’s specific search and the content she is reading online. The ad takes into consideration the nuances of her search, down to the color car she’s been searching, the fact that it’s a crossover, whether she’s looking at new or pre-owned and more. The ad – which features images of cars from a local dealership’s actual inventory – will be incredibly relevant and even helpful to Tracy’s car shopping, even though she’s never even been to your dealership’s website.

The advantage for Tracy is that she’ll have a great entry point into the next phase of her customer journey. The ad will click through to the dealer’s vehicle dealer page (VDP), where she can start selecting exactly the car she wants. The benefits for the dealership are even greater. The dealership will have a competitive advantage much earlier in the game because the ads served are customized to the shopper. This turnkey solution for dealers can really help accelerate the buying process, and as complicated as it may sound, it’s not: there’s no integration with inventory software required (unlike many other dynamic ad solutions), and no setup or third-party provider fees.

Prospecting Dynamic Creative Ads can work with any custom creative ad template and are also available in an interactive carousel format. This visual ad format lets the user flip through images, which will change in real-time based on the previous vehicles she’s engaged with within the carousel. It’s a great format for desktop or mobile, and it works well in-feed, too. Dealerships are welcome to use their own ad templates and creative or lean on our team for support.

Probably the best thing about Prospecting Dynamic Creative Ads is that they’re a novel way to connect to buyer behavior. These dynamic ads adapt their creative based on the actual keywords searched and contextual content read by the prospective buyer during that critical two-week time period. The relevance of these ads makes life a little easier for both the dealership and the target buyer. Their shopping experience is that much more streamlined, and dealerships gain the advantage before competitors even have a chance to throw their hats in the ring.

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