Q&A with Frost Prioleau and GeoMarketing: How Simpli.fi Geo-Fenced the NBA Finals


This week on GeoMarketing, Simpli.fi CEO Frost Prioleau talked with Associate Editor Lauryn Chamberlain and covered all things Cannes, DPAA, and mobile location data. Most notably, Frost did a deep dive into the findings of a recent geo-fencing campaign of Simpli.fi’s that used location-based marketing tools to geo-fence the arenas during the NBA Finals.

With over 20,000 people attending each game of the 2018 NBA finals, this resulted in an abundance of mobile location data as tons of fans snapped pictures, posted/shared on their favorite apps, etc. while at the games. “Live sporting events such as the NBA Finals are a hot spot for marketers,” said Frost.

Read a portion of the Q&A below between Frost and GeoMarketing to learn more about what we found during this data analysis.

GeoMarketing: You just worked on several geo-fencing campaigns during the NBA finals. How were these campaigns planned — and why do you feel that geo-fencing is still a particularly effective tactic, especially when it comes to live events? Additionally, how has the sophistication of location-targeted ads increased over the past year or so, in your mind?

Frost Prioleau:We perform various data analysis throughout the calendar year to show our Geo-Fencing product suite in action. The NBA Finals was a perfect use case for us to show how Geo-Fencing with Event Targeting can help marketers reach their ideal target market at specific locations during a designated time frame.

Live sporting events such as the NBA Finals are a hot spot for marketers: Rather than shelling out large budgets to get in front of fans on TV, companies of all sizes [can] leverage mobile location data in order to target fans across devices and at certain locations.

The sophistication of location-based targeting has advanced significantly. Not only is it more personalized, triggering dynamic creative content from GPS locations; it is also more addressable, enabling more and more precise geo-fences. Over the past quarter alone, driven by the performance delivery of our Geo-Fencing product suite, the number of geo-fences activated on Simpli.fi’s platform grew by 217 percent, resulting in over 1.5 million more Geo-Fences in Q1 2018 as compared to Q1 of 2017. Lastly, location-based targeting has become more accurate. Marketers now have much better tools to vet and verify location data accuracy. There are high-quality sources of data, including GPS-derived data, as well as better screening for filtering out much of the poor-quality data.

Location data has become an important resource for marketers to reach the right audience at the right time through the ubiquitous use of mobile data and location services. With our geo-fencing technology suite, advertisers can use location data for competitive intelligence, customer experience improvements, and attribution measurements. Advertisers are able to target users based on physical locations, measure “last mile” conversions at physical locations, measure lift in foot traffic driven from online campaigns, and more.

GeoMarketing: Any metrics from those NBA campaigns that you can share?

Frost Prioleau: Yes, there were a ton of findings from this data pull.

Relevant findings include that although the number of mobile users only increased slightly (1.82 percent) during Game 2 as compared to during Game 1, there was a significant increase in mobile users during game time play in the latter half of the series, resulting in an 84.95 percent increase during Game 3 as compared to Game 2, and a 30.04 percent increase during Game 4 as compared to Game 3.

Additionally, as the series progressed, we noticed an uptick in mobile users within the arenas during pre-game hours as fans arrived early in anticipation for the next big game to tip-off.

These spikes can likely be attributed to increased activity on mobile devices before and during the games as the hype of the 2018 NBA Finals built – snapping pictures, posting or sharing on favorite apps, and more – many of which capture and share location data in order to provide the user with a more relevant experience.

As such, our Event Targeting solution can help marketers of all sizes to build a dynamic mobile audience based on a specific location and time frame and reach them with targeted ads instantly or up to 30 days after the event.

Interested in learning how Geo-Fencing with Event Targeting can work for your clients? Reach out to your Simpli.fi Account Rep or email us at hi@simpli.fi to learn more.