Q&A with MarTech Series: Simpli.fi’s CEO Shares Key Takeaways from Cannes Lions 2018


Cannes Lions, the International Festival of Creativity, took over Cote D’Azur in the South of France, June 18-22. A week has passed since its conclusion, yet the festival continues to be the talk around town. Simpli.fi CEO Frost Prioleau sat down with MarTechSeries’ Sudipto Ghosh to discuss all things Cannes in a recent Q&A.

“Cannes is a great opportunity to spend time, both scheduled and unscheduled, with customers and partners. Some of the best sessions are those that are put on by sponsors in their beach facilities, yachts, and/or suites. This year I thought that Comcast/Freewheel had some great content on the Future of Television,” said Frost.

Read the Q&A below between Frost and MarTechSeries to learn more about the key themes and takeaways from Cannes.

MarTechSeries: How do you see marketing and advertising standards improving each year post-Cannes Lions?

Frost Prioleau: Digital marketing and advertising standards are definitely improving each year, but I wouldn’t really tie that to Cannes. We are seeing that advertisers of all sizes are very interested in ensuring that their ads are seen by real people on sites and apps that are positive for their brand.

Themes and takeaways at Cannes tend to be the same as those at other advertising conferences. This year the main themes are the transformation of television, location-based advertising, and continued focus on quality and transparency.

Last year, it was all about quality and transparency.

MarTechSeries: What’s the biggest buzzword you heard at the event, and from whom?

Frost Prioleau: The biggest buzzword this year, aside from OTT/CTV, is AI. This is being treated by some as a separate, new technology. However, many adtech vendors have been building AI into their optimization algorithms for years.

I think technologies like AI/Machine learning, Live videos, would further enable ‘Humanizing of traditional technologies’ for marketing and advertising. Like I said earlier, AI/ML is already in use, and definitely will be more broadly adopted into other marketing and advertising applications. In my opinion, personalization will likely be the next big application.

Cannes Lions may have come and gone, but the popular themes discussed throughout the festival will be hot topics for months to come. Simpli.fi already provides unique offerings for our clients to support many of these trends, and we’re eager to continue to lead the marketplace. Interested in learning more about localized programmatic with Simpli.fi? Contact us at hi@simpli.fi to learn more.