Real-Time Matters Part 1: Fresh Data


Data recency matters to campaign performance. That’s what sees every day, and it’s why we built our own platform to deliver ads with the freshest, most “real-time” data possible.

Chris O’Hara, VP of Global Data Strategy and Agency Lead at Krux, recently wrote an article appearing in AdExchanger highlighting the benefits of real-time data to target users online. He also mentions the difficulty of real-time marketing because of the data-transfer and ad serving process, as well as the problems of matching users across channels and devices.’s infrastructure has overcome many of the difficulties associated with real-time data and enables’s advertisers to use the freshest data possible for delivering campaigns. Below are some June 2016 statistics highlighting’s success using real-time data:

Search Retargeting

  • 22% of impressions served leverage data less than one hour old.
  • Over 359,000 total impressions were served with data only one day old.
  • Campaign CTR averaged .21% utilizing data one hour old or younger.


  • Almost 50% of impressions served leverage data less than one day old.
  • Over 55 million impressions were served with data only one day old.
  • Campaign CTR averaged .15% utilizing data one hour old or younger.’s success with real-time data is driven by two factors:

First, has a unique capability of providing advertisers the ability to select the recency of the data they use in their campaigns, from instant to 30 days, driving better performance overall. For example, advertisers such as emergency plumbers or pizza delivery companies can select to use only data younger than one hour and target users at the moment they are searching for pizza deals or a plumber when a pipe bursts in their home.


Second,’s optimization algorithms observe that recent data is typically more effective, and therefore they bid higher for valuable, time-sensitive impressions.

One of the reasons that can leverage more recent data is that the company has developed both a direct-data network (for obtaining data directly from websites and apps, not going through the normal data segment resellers) and a single integrated platform that collects, targets, and optimizes data and media buying.’s unstructured data network, as opposed to third-party segments, gives an advantage in real-time marketing. This is because the data is collected directly from the source and immediately usable for targeting, eliminating the time-lags associated with the data going through a data broker who needs time to classify it into a segment and retransmit it to the DSP.’s platform and direct data network enable real-time marketing today, which drives improved performance across many verticals.