Search Retargeting Explained


Search retargeting is one of the most valuable tools in business, and can be integrated into a company’s existing digital marketing plan. This can help convert consumers at a higher rate than traditional forms of marketing. Search retargeting can be one of the best supplements to add to SEO, SEM, social and other online strategies that already exist. Retargeting allows you to position your logo and messaging on banner ads and show them to people who have already expressed an interest in what you offer by searching for it online or searching for competitor offerings. This gives you unparalleled insight into your customer base – it’s as if the user has written their own thoughts down in a search box for you. Gathering this insight to aid in targeting adds relevance and precision to your campaigns – and it allows you to think like a customer.Search Retargeting Process

Search retargeting provides marketers the ability to reach potential customers that have not bought from their company yet based on their past searches online. It can find future customers who have previously searched for either a brand name or a keyword that is associated with their brand, product/service, competitor terms etc. Searchers with an intent to buy (or convert) are much more valuable – as they are further down in the purchase funnel, thus closer to making a purchase/conversion. Search retargeting offers lower CPC pricing than search engine marketing on many high cost terms across virtually every vertical – giving you more bang for your buck. Further, it often offers better conversion rates because the ads being shown are relevant to the viewer’s interests as indicated by their search behavior. It positions you with the unique ability to solve a problem and fufill customer’s explicitly expressed needs.