Search Retargeting: When Customers Happily Tell You Everything That Interests Them


What If?

Wouldn’t it be great if a customer called you up and without prompting, quickly and succinctly told you everything they are interested in? Favorite movies, songs, stores, food, products, etc. You name it, they happily told it to you. You could imagine how, as a small business, this would be highly valuable marketing information, right?

Search Retargeting

Well that’s essentially what people do on the web, when they search for those very items online all day.  Further, it’s why search retargeting is so important. Every time someone searches for something that information is stored within’s powerful platform directly from the search engine. Search retargeting enables advertisers to leverage this data to create compelling ads that ultimately greet visitors upon subsequent searches and clicks. Trailing them as they navigate the web and reminding them of your product/service – keeping you top of mind. Keeping all of this data stored and organized is of the utmost importance, the true value lies in the ability to analyze this data and derive actionable insights from it. Insights that allow marketers to get the performance they desire from campaigns and ultimately make spend worth it. Data management is an important component in any retargeting campaign. search retargeting

Search retargeting is a more evolved form of online advertising because it’s predicated on customization and, when applied effectively, pinpoints accuracy. You get more bang for your online marketing dollar. It’s also optimized for max performance through the ability to target at the element level and optimize the same way – isntantly updating any facet of the campaign on the fly. In real time.

This back-end “science” behind search retargeting — optimizing to key metrics like cost-per impression, cost-per-click, cost-per-actition, etc. – is complex, and being able to effectively manage it is what can make our search retargeting services and expertise so valuable for your company.