and the Big Game


Using Event Targeting to measure economic impact near NRG Stadium during the biggest week in sports

There is nothing like the Big Game. And when it comes to programmatic, there’s nothing like Imagine the possibilities when you blend the surge in crowds to Houston this past week with’s second-to-none Geo-Fencing technology.

That’s why we decided to put our technology to the test. For the past week (1/27-2/5) leading up to the Big Game at NRG Stadium, we began creating custom audiences using our Event Targeting capability from different events and locations relating to the festivities in Houston centered around the Game.

We were curious how many visitors would be in the area around NRG Stadium and see how much that number would grow throughout the week before the Game. What venues were most popular? What venues would have the largest percentage of growth?

Event Targeting is’s precise temporal geo-targeting technology allowing advertisers to build an audience based on a geo-fence. Advertisers can create a custom audience out of event attendees during a predetermined time window and serve ads to those users for up to thirty days after the event. With Event-Targeting, we were able to record the amount of increased visitors the Big Game drew to the area around NRG Stadium.


Two massive events beckoned attendees to step into NFL players cleats and celebrate the Big Game: The NFL Experience at George R. Brown Convention Center and Super Bowl LIVE at Discovery Green.

Super Bowl LIVE was a free nine-day event within Discovery Green minutes away from NRG Stadium. The event provided family-friendly entertainment in celebration of the Game by way of concerts, exhibits, and food, all in a 750,000 square foot facility.

The NFL Experience was a seven-day long event hosted by the NFL that put fans straight into the League with activities such as a theme park, youth football clinics, merchandise shops, 40-yard dash competitions, and more.’s Event Targeting capability recorded a surge of attendees the first weekend (1/28-29) of both events, a small drop the next Monday (1/30) and a steady growth throughout the next week week leading up to an even greater surge in user activity the weekend of the Game.

  • Superbowl LIVE: 1320 user count on 1/29
  • Superbowl LIVE: 180% user count growth from 1/30 to 2/4
  • NFL Experience: 1606 user count on 1/29
  • NFL Experience: 235% user count growth from 1/27 to 2/4


With Dining, we targeted 8 local bars and restaurants near NRG Stadium. In order to localize visitors who were there specifically for the game we started counting users on Friday, February 3rd and compared the results against a control (normal business day) of January 27th.
Our experiment documented that users were visiting bars and restaurants in response to all the hype around the Game, driving a staggering increase in local business.

  • 1311 record user count on 2/4, the night before the Game
  • 106% user count growth on 2/4 than 1/27, a normal business day with a 636 user count

These audiences could then be used to serve ads for up to 30 days after this game thanks to our Event Targeting technology. The event organizers can use Event Targeting to promote future events, or even prompt attendees to rate their experience at their event. The local restaurant and bar businesses can utilize these custom audiences to promote brand awareness or offer coupons on future meals.’s technology, granular insights and custom audience building are just the beginning. Talk to your Client Success rep today to see how our technology can work for you.