Brings Element Level Marketing to the Facebook Exchange


Fully Transparent Platform Leverages Unstructured Data to Deliver More Effective Search Retargeting, Site Retargeting, and CRM Targeting is live on FBX!

We are very excited to bring’s Element Level Marketing capabilities to FBX, as our platform and vast pool of search intent data will enable advertisers to gain even more value out of Facebook’s of high quality inventory.


As you probably know by now, is a different type of online advertising platform.  Unlike first generation DSPs that require advertisers to target audiences using opaque, rigid audience segments, enables targeting audiences using unstructured, element-level data.

With element level marketing, advertisers build and optimize custom audiences on the fly, eliminating the time and expense required to build pre-packaged segments. Benefits to advertisers include both superior CPA/CPC/CTR performance, as well as deeper insights into converting audiences.

In addition to targeting at the element level, brings complete transparency to FBX. does not arbitrage media and data like ad networks and some other “platforms” do. Instead, clients see actual media, data, and platform costs and performance by site, keyword, exchange, time of day, and other attributes.  We believe that advertisers have a right to see exactly how and where their advertising dollars are spent! leverages its element level capabilities across a full suite of targeting options. These include:

  • Keyword Level Search Retargeting. Ads are targeted to browsers which have searched on designated keywords within selected recency windows. Just like with search marketing, bidding, reporting, and optimization are done on the keyword level.’s vast data network, strong match rates, and superior algorithms deliver unrivaled reach and performance.
  • Element Level Site Retargeting.’s smart pixel easily enables advertisers to bid, report, optimize, and customize creatives based on individual pages visited on advertiser’s site.
  • CRM Targeting. Enables advertisers to anonymously target customers with online ads based on online and offline CRM data.
  • Search-Alike Targeting. Targets users who have search patterns that are similar to to existing site visitors or converters.
  • Keyword Contextual Targeting.  Targets ads based the keywords on the page being targeted. (Not available on FBX).
  • Category Contextual Targeting.  Targets ads based on the context of the page being targeted. (Not available on FBX).

We’re delighted to close out a fantastic year in 2012 by bringing FBX to our clients.

Bring on 2013!