and The Growth of Mobile



If 2016 was the Year of Mobile, then 2017 heralds a new era where mobile is becoming the primary medium for advertising programmatically. Mobile programmatic accounted for 69% of all programmatic digital display spending in the US last year. In 2017, that percentage is expected to grow to 78%. Mobile now accounts for over three-fourths of the programmatic pie.

Recent eMarketer research reveals trends driving the growth of mobile programmatic. The most driving trend is users are spending more and more time on their mobile device while time spent on other media (TV, desktop/laptop, radio, and print) is decreasing. The majority of that time is spent in-app; users are spending 50 minutes on mobile browser and around 3 hours and 25 minutes on mobile apps per day.
As time spent on the desktop is decreasing, users are making mobile their first place to go when looking for a product or service. This is why some are calling for marketers to adopt a “mobile-first” strategy.

Powered by rich mobile inventory and multiple mobile-centric tactics and ad formats, helps marketers boost the mobile aspect of their programmatic campaigns. Our platform currently registers over 1.3 billion unique devices and leverages over 600,000 applications for serving mobile ads.

Audiences On-The-Go

Imagine the amount of potential customers who attend concerts, trade shows, sporting events, etc. Many of those attendees use their mobile devices to learn more about a particular artist, product, or sports team as they experience the event, share the moment via social media, or even just pass the time. is able to leverage the time potential customers spend on their mobile device and serve them ads featuring products or services they might be interested in. A sporting goods store can serve ads to potential customers who attended a sporting event. A record shop can serve their ads to concertgoers. Even an electronics supplier can target those who attend an electronics trade show, such as CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

Capturing User Interest with Dynamic Creative

DyanmicCreative also supports Fixed Feed Dynamic Creative, a mobile-specific ad format that displays the contact information of the nearest agent or representative of a specific product or service a potential customer is searching for on their mobile device.

Imagine a potential customer is curious about the possibility of buying a house or maybe looking to speak with a financial planning advisor. As many do, the potential customer uses their mobile phone to search for real estate agents or financial advisors in their area. With Fixed-Feed Dynamic Creative, those nearby agents or representatives are able to serve them ads containing their contact information and direct them to their website.

As their research shows, it will become increasingly important for marketers to adopt a potent mobile strategy to meet users on the mobile devices they are spending more and more time on. For more information about how can help boost your mobile programmatic strategy talk to your Client Success representative or connect with us at