Launches Platform Certification Program For Agencies, Brands, & Media Buyers


After careful consideration of feedback from leading agencies, brands, and media buying organizations, we recognized the need for an on-demand training program to support our partners in their use of the platform. With a focus on providing a seamless experience for our new and existing customers, we are thrilled to introduce the Platform Certification Program. This program is designed to offer comprehensive training for quicker onboarding, helping our partners fully understand and utilize the platform for their success.


LEARN HOW OUR PARTNERS & NEW CUSTOMERS BENEFIT FROM SIMPLI.FI’S PLATFORM CERTIFICATION PROGRAM’s Platform Certification training program provides our partners with an in-depth understanding of the platform and its capabilities. The online training series covers all aspects of the platform, including the UI and best practices, to ensure that our partners are fully equipped to effectively use the platform.

The certification badge displayed upon completion of the training not only shows clients’ expertise in the platform, but also demonstrates their commitment to maximizing the value they receive from working with

Our comprehensive training and support minimize errors and optimize efficiency, enabling our partners to fully leverage the platform to match their goals. This results in a smoother onboarding process, allowing new customers to quickly become familiar with the platform before they start using it. Additionally, the benefits of this release extend to current clients who may be looking to transition from a managed service to a self-service partnership, or self-service partners hoping to enhance their understanding, as they can now learn the platform via an on-demand resource.



The Platform Certification Program offers several benefits to help users get the most out of the platform. These benefits include:

  • Ensure proper campaign hierarchy and set-up. The certification program provides in-depth guidance on setting up campaigns in the proper hierarchy, which is crucial for effective campaign management and optimization.
  • Launch campaigns more quickly and minimize errors. The comprehensive training and support minimize errors, allowing users to launch campaigns more quickly and with greater confidence.
  • Access on-demand at any time. The on-demand nature of the training program allows our partners to access the training material at any time, making it convenient for busy schedules and/or those needing to get comfortable with the platform quickly.
  • Choose your own path. Users have the flexibility to choose the order in which they complete the video content, as well as the option to turn on or off closed captioning.
  • Reinforce learning with quizzes. The training program includes quizzes to reinforce key concepts and ensure that users have a thorough understanding of the platform.
  • Provide a badge to celebrate the completion of the program. We provide a badge to those who complete the program to share on social networks and in email signatures, providing an opportunity to celebrate a new skill learned and gain credibility as certified experts.

With 28 videos divided into 3 units, we provide a comprehensive overview of our platform and its capabilities. Designed to benefit both new and current partners, this program allows participants to enhance their skillset and achieve greater success in their advertising efforts with Whether you’re just starting out or looking to deepen your understanding of the platform, the Platform Certification Program is an excellent resource to support your growth and success.


GET STARTED WITH THE SIMPLI.FI PLATFORM CERTIFICATION PROGRAM TODAY’s Platform Certification training provides significant value for clients, including increased expertise, quicker onboarding, reduced errors, and enhanced credibility. Our comprehensive training and support help ensure that our partners can effectively use the platform to achieve their goals. By completing the training, clients can fully leverage the platform to achieve their goals and drive success, while obtaining badges and certifications worth celebrating with their co-workers and professional networks.


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