moves toward HTML5


HTML5_Logo is proud to be a part of the growing global trend moving toward HTML 5 (Hyper Text Markup Language 5), a website coding language for structuring and presenting content that can handle the new demands of the modern internet.

Why the change?

HTML 5 will provide advertisers with more reach. Everything from video embedding to display advertising is easier, faster, and more accurate with the newest version of HTML compared to Flash. Not to mention, Apple does not support Flash on mobile devices and browsers are decreasing Flash support due to potential security issues.

Another key benefit of the move to HTML 5 is that it’s universally compatible across all devices. Previously when using Flash, advertisers had to rely on the fact that their viewers would have the proper software installed on their computer when being served an ad. HTML 5 will allow advertisers to reach any device without the viewer’s browsing being interrupted to download Flash.

How do I convert my creatives to HTML 5?

The creatives are already in the UI:

If you would like to perform a mass conversion of current Flash creative already in the system, the team will do so upon request. There is no additional charge for this and no action is required upon the client’s part other than the initial request.

If they were built in Flash but haven’t been uploaded yet:

If you upload a Flash creative directly into the UI, the creative will auto-convert to HTML 5. It is important to note that there is no action required on our client’s part.

If you are using OnTarget, The Ad Generator, you can drag and drop any Flash creative into the platform. OnTarget will then break out all elements of the creative and save as an HTML 5 file automatically into’s templates.

Are you ready to get started?

Contact your account rep today or email to convert all creative to HTML 5.