, Programmatic, and 2017


With every passing year it seems the future is becoming reality, especially when it comes to integrating technology into our daily lives.

And what’s more high-tech than programmatic, driven by genius algorithms and models that help advertisers serve ads online with unparalleled precision? It’s true to say that with and programmatic at large, the future is already here.

It’s important to know just how dominant programmatic has become within the digital media space. According to a 2016 eMarketer report, programmatic has become the mainstream way to buy digital media, tallying 67% of total spend in the digital advertising industry. Put into greater context, programmatic spend has grown from $10.32 billion in 2014 to $22.1 billion in 2016.


And it doesn’t look like programmatic is going to yield. Programmatic is expected to grow another 24% in 2017 to encompass 72% of all digital ad buying expenditure. This growth is projected to be faster than every digital channel. At this rate, programmatic media buying will the gold-standard for digital media buying.

It’s a good thing for advertisers that has been at the forefront of programmatic technology and media-buying since 2010. From the end of 2015 to 2016, has experienced 43% growth in number active campaigns and currently maintains over 40,000 active campaigns on the platform. and the future of programmatic

In 2017, sees three areas in which large advancements will come: analytics, personalization of ads, and native advertising as an emerging creative type.
Analytics are becoming increasingly more important to advertisers to provide a more granular understanding on how their programmatic campaigns are performing. This need for deeper analytics will call for additional insights that knit together multiple campaign factors including online and offline conversions, location data, etc.

1:1 marketing, the ability to provide personalized ads to individual users, is considered by some to be the ultimate goal of marketing. While this type of marketing is available in lower funnel types of campaigns, such as site retargeting that show specific products or services users have previously viewed online, the increasing personalization of ads are going to move further up the sales funnel. Ads will be able to be created instantly based on a multitude of data points including browsing, lookalike, and location data.

Since programmatic has become the mainstream of media buying, new creative formats will come into the programmatic fold. One of which is native advertising, which will become a prominent ad type in the near future. The less obtrusive nature of native ads combined with the fact that they have a higher CTR than traditional display ads will drive a mass-adoption within the industry.

Source: eMarketer — “More Than Two-Thirds of US Digital Display Ad Spending Is Programmatic”