Prospecting Dynamic Creative for Auto Is Industry’s Only Programmatic Solution That Requires No Site Visit or Inventory Integration


Powerful programmatic ad tool gets advertisers more prospects earlier in their buying process, the programmatic advertising platform built for the scale of localization and personalization, has introduced Prospecting Dynamic Creative for Auto, the industry’s first and only upper-funnel dynamic creative programmatic tool that delivers dynamic ads to buyers even before they visit a seller’s website. This turnkey solution requires no integration to an advertiser’s inventory management system, making it more efficient for auto dealers who want a powerful programmatic solution that is simple, quick to set up and delivers rapid ROI.’s Prospecting Dynamic Creative for Auto serves ads to potential buyers based on upper-funnel behaviors, such as keyword searches and the contextual content they are reading. If a prospective buyer has searched for electric cars and read up on the environmental benefits of such a vehicle, Prospecting Dynamic Creative for Auto will serve them a personalized dynamic ad showing the local dealer’s actual inventory that matches the make, model and even color vehicle in which they are interested.’s Prospecting Dynamic Creative for Auto is unique in that it provides:

  • An industry first that does not require a buyer to visit a dealership’s website before they are served a dynamically-generated ad showing actual inventory from that dealer;
  • A turnkey solution for the auto industry that requires no integration with inventory software (which is required of many dynamic ad solutions);
  • Connections to buyer behavior so it can dynamically serve ads based on keywords searched and contextual content read;
  • Efficiencies for both buyers and dealerships. When user clicks on a dynamic ad they are taken to dealer’s vehicle dealer page (VDP); and
  • Customizable ads. Customers can use their own ad templates and creative assets or take advantage of templates that can be edited and personalized.

Since its inception, has focused on building innovative programmatic solutions that drive stronger ROI for its clients. Prospecting Dynamic Creative for Auto is the latest unique solution from that leverages unstructured data to target buyers at a much more granular level.’s use of automation and unstructured data enable the company to efficiently deliver programmatic advertising to on high volumes of localized and personalized campaigns.