’s 2019 Localized Programmatic Summit

04/25/2019’s annual Localized Programmatic Summit for 2019 is all wrapped up, and it was a great success. We had a wonderful time last week getting to spend time with our clients and partners as they attended a day and a half of educational sessions and expert panel discussions.

Here are some of the key takeaways from this year’s summit.


Localization is as Crucial as Ever for Programmatic

The summit kicked off with an Industry Overview from Greg Sterling, the VP of Strategy for the Local Search Association and editor of Search Engine Land. Greg discussed the evolution of localization in the programmatic space, and how we’ve gotten to where we are.

Of special significance is answering the question: what does location data tell us as advertisers? The answer is any number of real-world signals that advertisers can use to more effectively target consumers at the local level, reaching customers in the cities and locations where they live and play. Multiple sessions throughout the summit also spoke to this theme.

Among the takeaways from this comprehensive session included these compelling industry stats:

What this means for advertisers is an unprecedented opportunity to target an audience with customized and personalized ads. Localization takes the guesswork out of the equation, and lets advertisers reach the right consumers based on local tastes, customs, nomenclature, etc. The numbers show that the importance of localization in advertising isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Addressable is the Next Level of Location-Based Marketingc

Throughout the summit, we spoke to the exciting benefits of addressable targeting and specifically the power of’s Addressable Geo-Fencing and Addressable OTT/CTV solutions. With the abundant amount of location data that has access to paired with our comprehensive consumer data comprising approximately 250 million U.S. addressable consumers, we’re able to target across devices in the majority of households in the U.S.

Our differentiators don’t stop there. We also spoke to the advantages our GPS-based Addressable targeting has over IP-based targeting, and why it matters. With accuracy and precision being everything when it comes to location-based targeting, attendees were educated on the precision issues that come alongside IP-targeting and how they can say goodbye to those issues with’s Addressable Geo-Fencing.

Tack on our unique list curation capabilities, and the opportunities with’s Addressable programmatic offerings are endless. Marketers can leverage offline CRM data or other first-party customer data for digital advertising across all household devices. If advertisers do not have access to this data, can curate lists on behalf of the advertiser across 1,500+ variables.

Addressable is the next stage in the evolution of location-based targeting, and it’s all happening now.


OTT/CTV Advertising is Here

85% of U.S. households are now watching streamed content via OTT/CTV devices (eMarketer). OTT/CTV advertising is not the next big thing… in 2019, it is the big thing. OTT/CTV advertising was a recurring theme throughout the summit, both in terms of industry discussions and the power of’s own OTT/CTV solution.

A key takeaway here is that OTT/CTV advertising is the dynamic new way to deliver video creative to a specific audience on both the big and small screens. It is a powerful new way to marry the benefits of linear TV with the targeting and performance capabilities of digital. Factor in cross-device matching and three distinct methods of targeting (addressable, behavioral, and demographic), and you have one of the great programmatic opportunities of the decade.

Thanks again to all our attendees and we look forward to seeing everyone at the 2020 Local Programmatic Summit!