’s OTT/CTV Advertising Capabilities: Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

09/11/2019 clients can always count on us to provide targeting solutions that are significantly ahead of the curve. OTT/CTV advertising in particular has been an area of focus for us as we continually work to position our clients for programmatic success. Our investment in this space has resulted in a three-pronged approach enabling marketers to build and target custom audiences with reach that extends across all OTT/CTV devices. And yes, it scales!

To fully leverage the potential of OTT/CTV advertising, the right audience targeting solution is crucial—otherwise, ads will not be seen by the right consumers and marketers are left with a campaign of wasted impressions. This is why the OTT/CTV solution uses three distinct targeting methods.


Dynamic OTT/CTV Audience Targeting

Addressable Targeting
Bringing the best in location-based targeting technology to OTT/CTV advertising, this method represents granularity in audience targeting down to the individual household-level. uses GPS and plat line data rather than an IP-based approach to target physical addresses so that only the right households and devices get targeted.

In addition, marketers get free list onboarding, an approximately 90% match rate, and the ability to target one million addresses per campaign with unlimited campaigns. And for advertisers with no access to first party data, can curate lists based on over 1,500 variables.

Behavioral Targeting’s Behavioral option gives advertisers the ability to bring the precision of digital targeting to OTT/CTV by targeting users based on keywords, context, and other online behaviors. Behavioral targeting bridges the gap between OTT/CTV and other online behaviors, reaching across devices using our cross-device matching capabilities.

Demographic Targeting
Demographic targeting continues to be an effective way for advertisers to target relevant audiences. lets advertisers take advantage of numerous combinations of demographic variables to find and target the ideal audience at scale with unmatched precision. And with over 1,500 variables to choose from, advertisers can target more than 125 million households.


Bringing Foot Traffic Attribution to OTT/CTV Advertising

For today’s digital marketers, the ability to measure ROI for their digital advertising campaigns is critical. This is why introduced foot traffic attribution capabilities to all OTT/CTV advertising campaigns. Thanks to pinpoint-accurate mobile technology and unrivaled cross-device matching from, advertisers can track the number of users who were served an OTT/CTV ad and then visited the advertiser’s location. By measuring offline conversions, it’s easy to show the impact that your OTT/CTV ads are having on the bottom line.

Brands and their agency partners are already benefiting from foot traffic attribution for OTT/CTV advertising. Check out this case study to learn more about how a national family entertainment center boosted in-store visits to more than 500 physical locations using OTT/CTV advertising.

Interested in learning more? Hear directly from some of our clients on why they love’s OTT/CTV targeting solution by checking out the testimonial video below.

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