’s Service Offerings: Meeting Client Needs Across the Spectrum


At, we work with all different kinds of clients, from multi-location brands to full-service ad agencies to local media groups. When it comes to our service offerings, we pride ourselves on having the flexibility to help all of our clients be successful, whatever their size or level of expertise. We meet clients wherever they’re at, whether it’s a local media group that wants end-to-end campaign support through managed-service, or a global agency that wants to manage its campaigns through API integration. With our Self-Service and Managed-Service models, is dedicated to providing a level of customer service and flexibility that few platforms can match. Has Your Back with Managed-Service

With our Managed-Service offering, will set up and manage campaigns from start to finish. Our best-in-class Client Success (CS) department will build and launch campaigns on behalf of clients based on their specific advertising goals. Once a campaign is underway, our platform will perform optimizations as needed to ensure the highest level of performance and maximize ROI. Following the flight, our managed-service clients are provided with fully transparent reporting, actionable insights, as well as ongoing campaign recommendations and best practices to ensure continued success for future campaigns.

From end-to-end campaign management, to clients having the option to take on as much (or as little) as they want in-house, we provide any and all levels of managed-service. Clients also have access to comprehensive phone and email support from the CS team, as well as access to our UI, meaning they have the same visibility into campaigns as our internal teams do.

Our CS team can (and does!) communicate with clients on any level of knowledge and expertise, and meets them wherever they are in their processes (operationally and organizationally). CS customizes its service to each client and their individual needs; meaning, whatever it takes to help our clients run successful campaigns and get the most out of their programmatic spend. From custom requests to emergency help at the last minute, our CS team is trained to be the best of the best in helping our clients succeed.’s executive team and CS leadership have created an environment that supports and promotes a culture of customer service excellence. CS team members are not held to outdated metric-based requirements like a minimum number of phone calls or emails per day; rather, the standard is that they do whatever it takes to help clients succeed. This frees them up to problem-solve and focus on client care, as opposed to spending their time chasing arbitrary performance metrics. has also fostered a company culture of inter-departmental support so that the CS team can reach out to our engineering teams at any time for help resolving a client tech issue. Ultimately, prioritizes its team members so that they can prioritize clients.


Take Control with Self-Service offers a complete RESTful API for clients looking to efficiently integrate our technology into their workflow. Unlike many companies, has prioritized our API to keep pace with UI development. This is why we can offer three types of API integration: campaign setup, campaign management/optimization, and reporting. Clients using the API also have access to user support and the Help Desk.

The other piece to’s Self-Service model is access to our highly intuitive web-based UI. The UI gives clients full control over their campaign management and optimization along with access to a variety of granular report options. For example, running a Geo-Fencing campaign in the UI couldn’t be easier. Clients can fully customize target shapes and sizes within the UI and build, launch, optimize, and report on the campaign—all through a single interface.

Flexibility is the name of the game throughout our service offerings. Clients can move fluidly between Managed- and Self-Service, taking on as much or as little control over campaign management as they want. Whatever the service model, clients have full visibility and transparency into how their campaigns are being managed and where their dollars are going. And to top it off, every client has access to’s Bullseye training, resources, and sales enablement portal.

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