Success Story: Auto Dealership Drives In-Person Visits Through Geo-Fencing With Conversion Zones


Consumer at a auto dealership


An auto dealership was looking to increase brand awareness among their target audience and bring prospective buyers into their location. They enlisted the help of to utilize new geo-fencing technology to more precisely target their audience, improve their overall advertising performance and track offline conversions. With a goal of achieving a 0.1% CTR, the dealership also wanted to track Cost Per Visit (CPV), defined as the total campaign spend divided by the number of users who were delivered an ad and then visited the dealership in-person.


The team developed a comprehensive strategy of geo-fencing with conversion zones to target relevant local users, drive up CTR and increase offline conversions. The first step was to build geo-fences around heavy traffic areas with high concentrations of users in the target market identified by the advertiser. The team then setup a conversion zone around the advertiser’s dealership to measure online-to-offline conversions.

Before and after campaign launch, and our multi-variate algorithms made optimizations to improve performance. These included adjusting dayparting and pacing to ensure the campaign was live during peak performance hours, and also implementing creative pacing to spend more aggressively on the top performing creatives.


To date, has been able to exceed the initial campaign goal with a strong CTR of 0.17% and deliver a CPV of $20. Through the use of’s conversion zone tool, the advertiser has also been able to measure the exact number of conversions originating from each individual geo-fence.

As the campaign continues, will continue to make mid-flight optimizations to improve performance.