Success Story: Brandmuscle Secures Localized Targeting Success for National Insurance Brand



A national insurance company wanted to supplement their national advertising campaigns with specific localized targeting that support their network of local agents to promote home and auto insurance. Since nomenclatures, local preferences, and buying habits vary from city to city across the country, their local marketing provider, Brandmuscle, enlisted the help of to develop a comprehensive strategy to successfully execute a national advertising buy with highly localized audiences.


In partnership with Brandmuscle, the team developed a strategy of geo-optimization targeting to promote individual agents in specific regional markets, drive up CTR and brand awareness, and increase in-bound calls to those individual agents.

Each campaign was customized based on the agent’s personal marketing needs. The agent’s name and contact information were displayed alongside click-to-call creative optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms. The team and our multivariate algorithms closely monitored the campaign and made several mid-flight optimizations. By optimizing audiences to local needs and delivering customized creative for different locations, was able to deliver improved performance on a national buy compared to platforms that use pre-packaged segments and target nationally.


Through multiple optimizations, was able to scale and deliver an average CTR of 0.12% across all campaigns in the multi-location buy, beating the industry average CTR of 0.08-0.1%. Further, the insurance agents experienced a lift in potential customer calls, local brand awareness and website traffic due to successfully targeting a national campaign locally.
Campaign Results - .21% CTR