Success Story: Increasing store traffic through localized programmatic


Telecom Company Driving Store Traffic with Mobile Media

A major telecommunications company was looking to run a three-day national advertising campaign over a key sales weekend. The brand considered multiple channels for the campaign, including radio, TV and digital. Based on previous success with one of the company’s five regional field marketing teams, the advertiser enlisted to develop and execute a programmatic advertising strategy for all regions.


The client wanted to increase foot traffic to hundreds of stores nationwide and attribute store visits to the online campaign. The campaign performance goal was to achieve a Cost per Visit of $10 or less.


In partnership with all five field marketing teams, developed a strategy utilizing two tactics: Geo-Fencing with Conversion Zones and Keyword Search Retargeting. The team concentrated on reaching users who had expressed interest in mobile phones by visiting a competitor’s store or searching online for relevant keywords.

With just a 24-hour turnaround, set-up more than 2,000 geo-fences and conversion zones in addition to hundreds of custom keywords. Each region had unique keyword lists due to local nomenclatures, preferences and buying habits. After launch, the team and our advanced multivariate algorithms closely monitored and optimized the campaign in real-time throughout its duration to ensure proper spending and maximum performance.


By optimizing audiences to local needs, was able to deliver stellar performance on a localized national buy compared to platforms that use only pre-packaged audience segments and target nationally.

Over the three-day weekend, the campaign spent in full and shattered the initial performance goal with a $2.90 Cost per Visit, more than three times lower than the $10 CPV goal. The campaign also achieved a successful CTR of 0.21%. All five regions were also able to view their respective performance individually, and each attributed increased store visits to the success of the advertising campaign.
Campaign Success Story Results - CTR .21%