Summer Days: Reach Co-Viewing Families at Home With Addressable CTV


School’s out for summer! You know what that means? Families will spend more time consuming family-oriented content together. The summer months create a unique opportunity for reaching co-viewers. Learn how helps advertisers reach co-viewing audiences with our addressable CTV.


Many saw co-viewing as a temporary result of the pandemic, but the continued rise says it’s here to stay. To add to that, streaming platforms currently outpace linear TV in co-viewing household viewership. This provides an avenue for advertisers to reach parents of families via CTV. While this post focuses on families, it’s worth noting that co-viewing covers the idea of targeting a mixed audience consuming content together. To that point, this could also look like college roommates watching a TV series together, or a friendly gathering of adults streaming a movie, for example.

As co-viewing abounds, more and more families stream family-friendly content in their living rooms. That increase in content consumption has led to a rise in consumer engagement. A recent report found 93% of co-viewing parents reporting increased levels of engagement. This lends credence to advertisers looking to deliver ads in high-engagement content spots.

With co-viewing on the rise, advertisers need dynamic audience targeting options across a breadth of CTV content.

Performance marketers should enlist an advertising platform able to reach targeted audiences with measurability. And that’s exactly where’s addressable CTV solution can help.


APPLY SIMPLI.FI’S HOUSEHOLD-LEVEL TARGETING SOLUTIONS FOR REACHING CTV CO-VIEWING AUDIENCES’s addressable CTV solution offers advertisers a national scale with household-level precision. Our audience planning tool allows for addressable audience creation in a customized fashion. We offer over 3,000 demographics to choose from, making it easy to target with precision at scale.

Our advertisers create custom addressable audiences using relevant targeting factors, such as:

Household Composition (i.e., presence of children, parents’ age, parents’ working status, etc.)


Household Income (i.e., household-level income, discretionary income, credit card history, etc.)


Interests and Hobbies (90+ interests and hobbies, including specific sports, music, and activities)


The above examples cover a few options from the 3,000+ variables available. Let’s look at what a hypothetical use case for a custom audience might look like. We’ll assume we’re looking to reach co-viewing audiences. And for this example, we’ll pretend we’re advertising for a family-style destination resort. We could target households matching all the following fields:

100K+ household income, and


Presence of children between the ages of 7-12, and


Interest in sports, entertainment, and the great outdoors

Then, we’d apply these targeting parameters to our desired location targeting. We can identify households matching these conditions at the zip code, metro, state, and national levels. This unique approach effectively combines demographic and location targeting at the household level.

For digital advertisers, addressable CTV helps reach the co-viewing living room TV with precision. We remove the guesswork by leading with a custom audience and delivering those users CTV ads. This approach helps performance marketers reduce waste and increase campaign performance.


Another key component of advertising toward co-viewing families requires access to family-friendly content. We’ve established premium inventory partnerships with major publishers and channels to facilitate this.

All of our campaigns benefit from superior brand safety measures, as we tap into the ever-growing world of CTV inventory. Our advertisers can confidently access tons of family-driven content to ensure they’re reaching their target audience in the right place.

Across that relevant content, we want our advertisers to measure performance with ease. That’s where our report center and custom dashboards come into play. We offer granular reporting and insights for every individual campaign on our platform. Advertisers marketing to co-viewing audiences via addressable CTV can expect meaningful data, like:

  • Zip+4 Location Reporting
  • CTV Ad Interaction Reporting (i.e., completion rate, mute rate, viewability, and more)
  • Online Attribution Capabilities (i.e., form fills, sign-ups, purchases, and more)
  • Offline Attribution Capabilities (i.e., store visits and foot traffic lift)

All this data gets presented in a 24/7 real-time dashboard, as well as custom, scheduled reporting. We pair the technology behind our platform with the expertise of our Client Success team to power data-driven insights. And that results in greater performance when utilizing’s solutions.


Our addressable CTV solution works well for advertisers reaching co-viewing audiences. But it goes well beyond that, too. The world is your oyster when using our tools, technology, and expertise for reaching precise audiences via digital. We’d love to help execute those campaigns with unparalleled measurability for every campaign.
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