SVOD vs AVOD vs What-VOD? Cut Through The Noise With Targeted CTV Advertising


With the surge of Connected TV (CTV), there’s understandably a lot of noise around the topic. As an industry, we’ve introduced all sorts of new buzzwords and terminology over the years. We’re throwing around terms like SVOD vs AVOD and expecting the dots to connect around all the possible nuances. For example, look at Pluto TV, a popular AVOD platform, and its rise to fame. According to Google Trends, interest in searching “Pluto TV” went from 0 to 100, quite literally.

While it can be overwhelming to hear these terms, learn the nuances, and understand how they fit together, there’s value in knowing what’s most important about this advertising’s hottest solution. Our goal is to help cut through the noise and explain how marketers can effectively target using CTV advertising.



According to a Statista study, the majority of consumers globally express a preference for low-cost, ad-supported video streaming platforms over higher-cost platforms without ads. In the United States specifically, 57% of respondents prefer to pay for a low-cost, AVOD platform compared to 38% who prefer to pay more in return for removing ads. While marketers work to keep up with changing consumer habits, they must also figure out how to precisely target those viewing on ad-supported platforms.

So, what does targeted CTV advertising look like? Depending on who you talk to, you’re likely to get a different answer. But here’s one thing we think that we can all agree upon: targeted CTV advertising means getting the right ad in front of the right audience on the right device at the right time.’s CTV advertising solution accomplishes that. Here are some examples of how we do it:

  • Addressable CTV, which targets households with plat-line precision using 3,000+ demographic and location-specific factors. The product also allows advertisers to use first-party address lists with a 90%+ match rate for custom audience targeting (and the same plat-line precision).
  • Linear TV Subscriber Exclusion Offering, which excludes any households identified as having an active linear TV subscription. This unique solution de-duplicates TV advertising efforts for agencies and brands buying both linear and CTV advertising.
  • Premium Inventory via’s Deal Library, which enables advertisers to tap into preferred partnerships for specific inventory, including live sports.’s Business Development team provides thousands of already-active PMP deals for you to select and can negotiate custom PMP deals on your behalf.

    These are a few examples of many ways we help advertisers precisely target using CTV ads. Our focus is on providing the tools and resources needed to get the right ad in front of the right audience on the right device at the right time.



    What good is targeted advertising if you can’t measure it? When’s partners run CTV campaigns, they receive a full suite of attribution solutions at their fingertips. They’re able to measure the impact of their streaming ads online and offline. That means they can track conversions on an advertiser’s website, including cart value and return on ad spend (ROAS) metrics. They also can track individual store visits associated with their CTV campaigns.

    Our advanced attribution tools help advertisers complete the value loop when running targeted advertising campaigns. No matter your industry, we’d love to help cut through the clutter and offer you a targeted, measurable CTV advertising solution.


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