The Element of Time Means Everything in Programmatic Display


Data is so often discussed and so very misunderstood! Data is nothing more than values ofqualitative or quantitative variables. It turns out that the term [Data] is as generic as the term [Food]. There are all kinds of food, food groups, and food ingredient combinations.

You see, data is the lowest level of abstraction. On its own, Data carries no real meaning. Data viewed in context then produces information. Information tested and interpreted then results inknowledge.

Experimental Data

In online advertising, there is a potential treasure trove of audience data. The lowest level of known variables that are then mixed and matched determine one of two things:

Individual Intent:  The specific purpose for why an individual would perform a certain act or series or acts. A prediction of what result or end an individual is seeking. Common examples, among hundreds, include keywords searched, websites visited and content read.

Individual Interest:  A predication of how thoughts, beliefs, feelings and perceptions influence how people buy and relate to goods and services. In marketing, common variables, among thousands used to predict interest,can include gender, geography, income, race, age and much more.

When viewed in this context, audience data can be properly defined as “Experimental Data.” Experimental data is data generated within the context of a scientific investigation by observation and recording. This is the fuel that drives Programmatic or algorithmic auto optimization models popular among demand-side platforms and many alternative display channels.



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