The Evolution of Data Targeting – How it Boosts Online Marketing


As anyone familiar with online marketing, search retargeting, or site retargeting can attest, customization is key when advertising online, particularly in the display space.  But what, precisely, does customization mean in today’s ever-changing marketplace?

Online Marketing

Well, thanks to advances in technology and data mining techniques, online marketing can attract customers with the level of precision that was unheard of even a few years ago.Opportunity

To see how the online marketing landscape has changed, simply consider how page or SKU-level site retargeting has evolved.  Back in the day, impressions would be aimed at users based on the site visited, creating one large audience pool.  Now, of course, impressions can be drilled down based on individual pages or specific products viewed. And, instead of large out-dated segments – we can target audiences of one.


Not only does this approach give marketers valuable intelligence around a customer’s immediate interests, but, over time, it can help build in-depth demographic models around customers to inform smarter decision-making. It allows marketers to delve deeper into understanding their customers as well as reduces waste. It allows marketers to get into their consumer’s heads and provide a meaningful experience, rather than shooting in the dark – hoping to reach a target.

This data-driven targeting continues to evolve.  Let the experts at and our experience be put to work for you to develop a plan that best suits your needs and budgets. Utlize new technology to redefine your audiences, creating completely customizable audiences and campaigns that perform. Creating a customized audience and delivering personalized advertisements across the web is what we do best – creating a unique user experience that is memorable increases the chances for conversion and improves ROI. Online marketing has changed drastically – but the fact remains, campaign success is a must, and we’re here to help