The New Era of Display: 5 Reasons Search Marketers Should Care


Chefs. Musicians. Athletes. Each is a master in their own discipline. Yet, many of these folks have skills that can be leveraged in a completely different channel with great success. Quite often, making the leap to another field can open up an entirely new world for them. And that’s exactly what display advertising offers search marketers.

Display’s New Era

opportunity sign

Online display advertising is in the midst of a major transformation. In fact, you could say it is entering into a new era. And technology is the key driver behind its evolution.

According to IDC, RTB-based display ads in the US are expected to quintuple from $1.1B in 2011 to $5.1B in 2015. The growth of RTB is being driven by several inherent advantages over conventional display advertising. These advantages are appealing to search marketers, as they include increased performance, more precise targeting, greater reach, and improved transparency.

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