The TV Landscape is Ever Evolving: What Marketers Need to Know


It could be watching an episode of your favorite TV show on Roku. Maybe you’re catching a sports game on an Apple TV. Or you might be streaming a movie via Amazon Prime on your tablet. Whatever it is, chances are you’ve seen an OTT/CTV ad one way or the other.

2018 saw audiences embrace streamed content in larger numbers than ever before, and 2019 promises to continue this trend meaning bigger advertising opportunities for marketers. Below, check out some of the adoption numbers and stats advertisers need to know as we begin the New Year.
OTTCTV Infographic

Attention Advertisers: Leverage OTT/CTV in 2019

As just a quick glance at the above numbers will tell you, OTT/CTV is everywhere. There is a huge amount of OTT/CTV inventory available for targeting, and that number will only increase. For example, 2018 saw an 8x increase in people who have access to 3+ OTT/CTV subscription services, and around 180 million Americans a month streaming using OTT/CTV devices. When you combine increasing inventory with a streamed content-obsessed society, you get a big win for advertisers. This is an opportunity that no one can afford to miss out on.

According to’s own Frost Prioleau, 2019 will see a massive acceleration of budget shifting as TV buyers rearrange their linear budgets to test the reach and frequency that OTT/CTV brings with its pinpoint inventory of household demographics and behavior. This will be especially true in light of the enhanced targeting capabilities, analytics, and attribution that come with OTT/CTV.

So, what does this mean for advertisers, and how can you capitalize on the massive benefits of OTT/CTV in 2019? The answer lies in’s OTT/CTV solution.’s OTT/CTV Solution is an Advanced Targeting Trifecta

Since our inception, has been the leader in all things localized programmatic. At a time when programmatic platforms were using pre-packaged audience segments to target on a national scale, we realized the unique value in enabling advertisers to personalize their audience targeting to local buying habits, nomenclature, and preferences.

Thus, it was only natural that would enter the OTT/CTV space with something that enables advertisers to do just that. While most programmatic platforms are limited in how they can approach OTT/CTV targeting, has purpose-built our solution to offer three distinct methods of audience targeting to enable advertisers to reach their ideal audience on OTT/CTV devices: addressable, behavioral, and demographic.

With Addressable targeting, has provided advertisers with the most granular way to deliver OTT/CTV ads to individual households. Using GPS data, advertisers can precisely and accurately target by physical address. This is a great way to leverage CRM and other offline databases to build custom audiences for OTT/CTV targeting. And with free list onboarding and the ability to target one million addresses per campaign with unlimited campaigns, advertisers get to do so at scale.’s behavioral targeting brings the precision of digital targeting to OTT/CTV by giving advertisers the ability to target users based on keywords, context, and various other online behaviors. This lets advertisers cover a different set of bases with their OTT/CTV targeting, and provides another granular method for reaching the right audience.

Demographic remains a tried and true method for targeting specific audiences. takes advantage of numerous combinations of demographic variables to give advertisers yet another way to target their ideal audience with OTT/CTV ads.

Quite simply, this is the most advanced OTT/CTV targeting solution on the market today. Three distinct methods of audience targeting means advertisers have maximum opportunity to get the right message in front of the right person at the right time. Not to mention, advertisers have the ability to target on both the big and small screens with

We are providing advertisers with the most effective and impactful way to deliver their video creative to a specific audience. Advertisers generally want to see two things come from programmatic: better ROI, and more granular targeting capabilities (that lead to a better ROI!). When it comes to OTT/CTV, delivers on both.

Don’t miss out on the OTT/CTV advertising opportunity in 2019. For more information on our OTT/CTV solution and how you can successfully leverage it in the new year, reach out to us at